Thursday, March 22, 2007

Riddle Me This

"To Do" lists are a pretty familiar concept to everyone, though almost no one seems to posses the organizational skills to actualy use them. It's a wonder more people don't since everyone with a to-do list seems so on top of thing, specificly their own things; the kind of simple little things we all want to do with out lives but never can get around to. I always plan on making to-do lists for stuff like homework or everything I always put off 'til vacation when I allegedly have time.

I was supposed to have a to-do list for this past vacation (that just ended today). It was going to include stuff like "memorize script", "train a lot", "study elvish", etc. All the kind of stuff I never have time for during school and want to get done when I have time instead of vegging in front of crappy TV or SuperMario. It never seems to work out that way, so I figure I'll make a to-do list to remind myself all the time. Ironicly enough, I never got around to making that list because I didn't do the most important things on it:
-Stop shaving coke
-Stay away from hoes
-Put down the toast

It's not about the literal meaning of this because I don't have problems with cocaine or hoes, and I don't even know what toast is. The point that my boy Hov' is trying to make is about getting one's act together, which is exactly what I need to do, especialy about my time management over vacations. *sigh*...another piece of Jay-Z wisdom wasted...

An old friend of mine took the idea of a to-do list to an entire other level. In her room was posted 50-odd pieces of paper, all over the walls and ceiling and everything. On each piece of paper was something she wanted to do in her life, complete with illustration. But they weren't thing like "study elvish" or "get married and have kids", it was stuff like "walk on the moon" or "share a magical kiss with someone on top of a mountain at sunrise". Fantastic (and maybe futile) as it all was, I envy her passion.

(and list making skills)