Wednesday, August 30, 2006

Back to Blogging

So I realized I have written about blogs or the internet in a while, plus I don't particularly feel like writing about pie like I was going to (stay tuned kids). I used to write about them all the time (blogs, not pie), in fact, when this humble notion of mine first started it was bascicly all I ever posted about. 'Trolin' for new blogs to read has long (okay...4 or 5 months) been a hobby of mine, but in its earliest, crudest stages it consisted of using the 'random blog' function on blogspot and sifting through tons of foreign languages in search of interesting blogs. Every few would be in english and not obviously political or news related (I'm totaly failing at being a citizen by finding that boring), but very few held my interest past the first post or "about me" section. So not unpredictably, I didn't find anything I liked enough to come back to (which made it an awesome hobby). But now things are different. I've found a blog I love that tons of other people read. So now I can read blogs linked to that one, or those published by people who comment there, and then the blogs linked to those. Now I'm connected to a huge (limitless?) network of blogs written by people with approximately the same intrests as me. Its like the Holy Grail.

Looking at the blogs I usualy read, I can see some patterns that presumably say something about me. Most of them are written by self profesed (sp?) nerds, geeks, or dorks (other don't need to profess it), or someone whos obviously not the most perfectly adjusted social type. I guess the style of writing (unfocused, rambling, kinda like this) is no surprise since thats what I look for.

Oh, and a lot of them own that weird? 'Cuz I don't even like cats (my evil cat Stinky doesn't like me that much either).

Monday, August 28, 2006

Thank you Guy

I want to send a big thank you to this guy I met today. See, I was out for a run and felt like shit, I was almost completely dead after a mere 20 minutes. It was really frustrating to feel so weak and woefully out of shape right beofre the season starts and I was really down. So I was stumbling along grumbling and bitching to myself and I rolled my ankle badly. Because it hurt and I was so mad I yelled "Arg! Shit Fuck!" This guy (who I had passed earlier) was nearby and figured that I'd really hurt myself so he comes jogging up. We ran together for a while, chatting about our running, his kids (who run XC in college), etc. He was really nice, and spontaneously nice (Cross Country is definately the world's most courteous sport), and gave me a much needed person to run with for a bit. After we parted ways, I felt a lot better and managed to finish up a decent 50-odd minutes. Considering that my confidence is hanging on the edge of a knife right now and I have a race in 5 days, it was really clutch of him to come along. So thanks, guy.

Saturday, August 26, 2006

Fall Back

I was playing Snood today (if you've never played, dont, its incredibly addicting), seeing if I could string together a bunch of "Evil" level wins on Journey (which, I'm ashamed to say, I'm really good at) and I got into the most incredible Snood grooves ever (I suspect divine intervention). I won 18 consecutive games. Thats incredible, unprecedented, maybe even impossible, but I did it. I dont want to think about how many hours I've invested in Snood to get to the point where I can win 18 consecutive games at the highest difficulty (its a lot).

Now, I have no idea what the meaning of life is, but I strongly suspect it doesnt involve Snood (dont worry, I'm not going to go into some huge Snood=life metaphor). So what the fuck am I doing wasting away my precious youth kicking ass at Snood? I actualy dont believe in any grand 'purpose' in life, like we're part of some kind of plan or have destinies or any of that, but I cant deal with beleiving life is totaly pointless. I mean, I dont want to just fuck around with some laregly meaningless career (or even a meaningful one) for 40 years then rot for eternity. We're supposed to be doing something, right?

I guess I have this conception of a "good life" that we're all supposed to be living. It doesnt nescesarily mean we're supposed to save lives or smell pretty flowers or any of that shit. Actualy, I dont really know what it means, other than living with some kind of honor (which is a discussion all its own, but in a nutshell it involves morality, dignity, truthfulness to one's self and especialy self-sacrifice, even as an end unto itself). I guess this is what they mean by "growing up"...dealing with mortality. But I dont buy that I still have plenty of time to figure this out. And god knows I havnt figured it out yet, but I know that whatever it is I'm looking for, and whatever it is I'm supposed to be doing, this isnt it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

AHHH! Alien Invasion!

Watch out for death rays everyone 'cuz the aliens are here and they're here for blood. They've already destroyed an entire planet because our solar system is down to 8...or Pluto got demoted.

Thats right folks, Pluto is no longer officialy a planet, its now a "Dwarf Planet" (along with Ceres, a moon, and a big asteroid named "Xena"). That means that our solar system only has 8 planets, not 9 like we were taught for so long. Can you imagine how that celestial body orbiting Pluto feels? It was bad enough when it was orbiting the runt of the system but now its orbiting a freakin' dwarf. That sucks. But does anyone really care? I guess its sad that Plutos got cut 'cuz its such a cultural icon (kinda) but ultimately it hasnt changed, just the classification. Although it might commit suicide, and that'd be tragic.

In other news, scientists have developed a way to make stem cells without killing embryos, but the dumbass social conservatives still have a problem with it because apparently any cell is "potential life"...bullshit. What part of their "culture of life" forbids the curing of diseases?

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Sins Against the Father

Let me start out by saying that I'm a huge Lord the Rings fan (books not movies, though they're good) and I'm a purist. I've always beleived in 'geekiness for geeks', meaning that things that have traditionaly been geeky (Star Trek, LR, etc) should reamin at the fringes instead of being mainstream, like Peter Jackson's movies have done (I also really don't like the blatant plot rewriting that he did).

Anyways, I was looking around for a nice LR (I used the abbreviation LR instead of the traditional LOTR because thats what Tolkien used) hat to go with my new backwards-hat-punk look. I was hoping to find something with an onscure reference (hopefully so only hardcore fans would get it) like Gil-Galad (you may have noticed that in my blogger profile for a while, until I realized people might think 'gil' wa my name, not the Elvish word for star), but instead I stumbled onto an official site that had the audacity to put Tolkien's name on something selling fucking action figures. It made me sick. I may have liked your movies when they first came out Peter Jckson, but let me say this to you now: Fuck you.

Thursday, August 17, 2006

Taste the Rainbow

Everybody knows that when they eat a bag of skittles they are going to taste the rainbow, but do they really know why? The actual tasting of the rainbow is obviously just the various delicious flavors of skittles (omg product placement) that stretch across the whole delicious candy fuit flavor spectrum, in much the same way as a rainbow has all the colors in the visible light spectrum. But it is not just about the flavors, its about the experience.

In order to fully understand the stunning similarities between skittles and rainbows we must first look at what a rainbow is. See, after it rains there plenty of water droplets in the air. As light waves pass through these water droplets at an angle the velocity of the wave changes as it enters the new medium causing the light to refract and seperate into the distinct colors (which is to say wavelengths, each of which refrtacts at a slightly different angle, causing the colors to "seperate") that we see in a rainbow. The crux of it that the aftermath of a rainstorm causes rather bland light from the sun to become a beautiful array of colors because the different components (wavelengths) of that light react differently to the change in medium.

Now when you think about it, a rainbow is a lot like life. It starts out as a white canvas like sunlight (white light contains all the different colors but is still pretty boring, it just has a lot of potential like a white canvas) but ends up a beautiful and varied array of colors. Rainstorms are like the major experiences of your life the consequences of which shape who you are, just as the aftermath of a storm makes a rainbow a rainbow. The different facets of your being and elements of your personality are like different wavelengths of light that are affected in different ways by experiences you have and its those variations that make you into a rainbow.

Ok, but what does that have to do with skittles? Well, if we take our rainbow=life metaphor and apply is to "Taste the Rainbow" then eating skittles is like 'tasting life' (it just so happens that it tastes like chicken). I figure thats a lot like "sucking the marrow from life" (some famous guy said that) and...wait...what does that have to do with skittles? Fuck.

Well at any rate, go eat some skittles, they're delicious (in seven different ways).

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

A Big Day for the 7th Notion

So I was reading my favorite blog, 'Revenege of the Nerd', and I finally got around to commenting (it was very cool and about Star Trek). Now, in order to get the signifigance of this next part you have to understand that this is a vert popular, very well written blog (and its very cool, but not about Star Trek). She (the nerd) turned down my marriage proposal but apparently liked my blog enough to link it to hers (albeit along with like two dozen others). So this means I have another reader (I think I'm up to five) and I'm linked to a much cooler site! Maybe I should make August 15th a 7th Notion holiday (I don't think 'nerdday' will do since frankly most of my days are like that...maybe SabilaDay)...

P.S. I'll link 'Revenege of the Nerd' to this page real soon-like.

Monday, August 14, 2006

This Way Forward

I've always had mild disdain for people who wear clothes just to make some statement about themselves (humorous t-shirts aside), mostly because I think its just posing that people shouldn't rely on superficial things to define themselves or try to come off as something they aren't. This veiw is probably largely due to my long standing habit of not caring about clothes or engineering a specific 'look'. This bias should perclude me from trying to get some 'look' that doesn't fit who I actualy am (whatever that is). But recently I've been wearing my Red Sox hat backwards which does an astonishingly good job of making me look more punkish and badass, which is my intention.

I've been wanting to update my look (and personality to a lesser degree) by being more punkish and badass (the tattoo is coming, trust me) mostly for the benefit of new freshman (especialy on the Cross Country team). This alone I don't have a problem with, but the whole hat thing runs against the grain a little...or at least I feel like it ought to.

The effect its had already (I've only been wearing my hat this way for a few days) is surprising. Walking down the crowded, suburban streets (filled mostly with old people) I feel all mean and rebelliously teenaged and more confident. I guess this is due to how I beleive people are perceiving me, which might be a bad thing (being defined by others' opinions).

But for now I'm keeping it, and sticking to my story that by looking meaner I'll dissuade muggers and other such undesirables.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Binary Fission

Let me just say this: I'm for it.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

Good Day

Yesterday (or maybe the last few days have all just blended together) was a great day for bumper sticker spotting (what can I say, its a hobby). Now, funny bumper stickers are all well and good, I think the best are the ones that leave you wondering "What the fuck does that even mean?" So here are the stickers that really caught my eye recently...

"Make Soup...Not War" (printed by a soup cafe in NY)
"Witches Heal"
"Dominant Paradigm"

These might not seem really momentous, but it was the best day for bumper stickers I've had since the infamous "Ninja Pizza" encounter.

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

carbon di-fucking-oxide's really hot here on the East Coast (the better one) right now and its starting to bug me. I've hardly been outside for a few days except to workout (I actualy ran on a treadmill today!) which I have to do in the dark while fending off pedifiles that hide in bushes.

Yeah, thats kind of a diversion but I just want to take a moment to make fun of overprotective mothers who are convinced that if they let their kids outside at night they'll get raped or eaten. Maybe its just because I live in an exceptionaly boring suberb, but its really not that dangerous out so relax. Kids can deal with a little adversity, remember in your day when you'd get rocks thrown at your head just for fun. Just carry a knife.

Anyways, its really hot and I hate it. I'm blaming global warming 'cuz I'm a stereotypical sci-fear (hee hee) mongering liberal (ish). So yeah, I'm really angry with carbon dioxcide right now. I think the shadow government should collect it all and convert the atoms into useful ozone (O3) and huge piles of charcoal (which is carbon).