Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A little too far

okay, i realize that stateshave to advertise to get tourism money but at some point enough is enough...

...and that point is liscence plates. now, theres a lot of dumb license plate slogans (like NJ calling itself the "garden state") especialy North Carolina's ("First in Flight")...i mean seriously, has your state acheived nothing since the wright bros who would've flown in any state?! but what i'm actualy talking about is license plates that are used as advertising, specificly Maine's which is "vactionland". first of all; its not, second of all; thats realy dorky...you've got a whole state (okay...that state is maine but stil...), cant you come up with something else? Ontario does it too ("yours to discover"). states: this has gotta stop while you still have your pride (so NC can go ahead, cuz its too late).


Monday, July 24, 2006

but why?

So i was watching this show on SciFi the other night, "Dark Angel", which is about this rly hot girl who was engineered to kick a boatload of ass and now uses her powers to be sexy, ride motorcycles, and battle evil. obviously its not particularly good quality television, and obviously it hinges largely on the attractiveness of the lead actress (jessica alba i think). the only problem, at least fo me, is that ms. (oh god let it be 'ms') Alba is too hot...its almost painful to watch. i actualy cant deal with it, especialy when shes trying to get laid ot using her whiles to fight crime (as all female superheros seem to). maybe some guys enjoy watching hot girls in seductive situations but i think i develop too much of an attraction to girls on tv to want to see some other guy getting some from her. so why make a show with such a painfully hot lead? sucks for me...

Thursday, July 20, 2006

Monday, July 17, 2006

random note

some of you may have noticed the link to "Mango Flavored Addiction" on this page (its on your right...keep looking...yeah, right there). its a blog written by a friend of mine (who comments on here all the time). they actualy know how to write well (and puncuate i think) so its a lot better than my blog, plus it often ahs real content, or at least stuff to think about. so i definately recomend visiting it, just dont stop reading this blog cuz no one does and if you left it would suck. really. i actualy put the link on origanly because i was gonna respond to one of their posts, but it turned out that i didnt have anything to say, and it took me so long to edit the hittl-mittl that i didnt want to undo it.

btw, HTML rocks my world!

giving credit where its due...and something about duty

As one of my alert readers pointed out, the content of my last post was taken from Thomas Friedman's book "The World is Flat: a Breif History of the 21 Century" (excellent book, go read it). I dont think it was perjury but I might as well give him his props. But seriously, its a great book, even if its really long, so go read it. Maybe I should start a 7th Notion recommended reading list...

Despite that correction, I want to point out that I have o problem with taking content from his book and putting it on (another) internet forum. After all, it is our duty as bloggers and citizens of the information age to disseminate as much useful knowledge as we can so that all ppl (with interent access anyways) can have unrestricted (that is to say impossible to restrict) access to an incredible wealth of knowledge that was been accumulated by mankind and put on the internet. Oppression is fascilitated by restricting information (and misspelling stuff like 'facilitate') so us bloggers can prevent that, even if all we do is bascicly duplicate stuff.

Oh, and go read the "Lord of the Rings" trilogy too.

Sunday, July 16, 2006

A United Earth

I've always dreamed of an Earth without cultural or nationalistic divisions which would hopefully eliminate warfare and be a huge step towards solving all the world's problems.

But it wont be warfare or a Marxist revolution that will bring about this unity, its fiber-optic cable. In the last few years (since around 2000) economic glabalization has been occuring at an unbeleivable rate. Buissnesses have been disaggragating its production and shipping the individual parts of the process all around the world. Outsourcing is a huge part of this, but its no longer just about outsourcing shoe-making to Asian sweatshops, its sending drivethrough orders to a callcenter 2 states away. High-speed internet and fiber-optic cable have connected countries, or at least the buissnesses in them, to a degree never before imagined. As a result of buissness being so spread out and interconnected, the lines between countries are being blurred. Its no longer clear where exactly something is being produced (and therefor where it should be taxed) and the only way to keep pace with this is to gradualy break down the economic barriers between countries. This will doubtlessly happen because economics are the driving force behind everything that gets one. And once economic divisions are broken down, cultural and political ones are sure to follow.

L'ancien regime is obselete, it cant keep up with rapid globalization and the even more rapid flow of information and buissness thats occuring without regard for national boarders. Actualy, national boarders are becoming obselete because the internet ignores them and the future is really an e-future.

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Paperclip Heros

I saw a story in the paper today (oddly enough in the buissness section) about this guy, Kyle MacDonald I think, who, by using the interent (his blog mostly) managed to trade a red paperclip for a house. It took him a number of trades for various things like fish-shaped pens and snowglobes and he had to get all famous and show up on TV and radio shows but eventualy some small town gave him a house in return for a part in a movie (Major Leauge 3) that the town auctioned off for donations to its parks service.

So natrualy this guy is like a hero to bloggers and bascicly anyone cool. He was just some young guy (26) who decided to do something. Its that kind of whimiscal "hey I'm gonna get a house for this paperclip" kind of things that takes drive and faith in the internet and fate's sense of humor. It also acheives very little, which I can respect. This guy became a celebrity because he wanted to get a house for a paperclip. A house. Come on! Okay, so the paperclip was red...but regardless. Hes proof that cool stuff can happen if you put serious effort into doing something random and far-fetched. Apparently one person does have the power to change the world, but why would they if they could get a house instead?

But in the spirit I want to make a humble offer. Its not a paperclip 'cuz I don't want to be a total poser, and I don't want a house for the same reason plus I dont need one anyways. No, I think I want a trip to outer space. So I'm offering a blog entry of your choice (that is to say, about whatever you want) with a shout out to you or whoever you want it to be to, and a signed orignal hand-written draft of that entry (one of a kind since I dont write out drafts for these). Post a comment if you have anything to trade for it.

And btw, I'm totaly serious about this.

Wednesday, July 05, 2006

gotta give some props

i've gotta talk about the Scion car company for a bit. when they first came out i didnt think they were ever going to survive, what with the million other car companies already in existence. but it does appear as though they've found a niche (the excessivly badass niche to be percise), no doubt helped by their emphasis on customizing their cars. i think their success in this can be attributed to one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever (corona light is also on that list). they have, from the beginning, concentrated on establishing a character and feel for their products and have stuck with that. everyone knows scions are badass because everything we are exposed to reagrding them is totaly badass.

my one complaint is the xB (which i'm warming up to actualy). for those of u not in the scion know, thats their van which is shaped like a very badass box. honda tryed the same thing with the element, which didnt work. i guess the xB is pretty cool as far as vans go, but its still a box. it actualy gave rise to a new slang (?) term that i invented: to be a box. if something is lame or dorky, especialy if it was trying to be cool, its a box. for instance, u could say "that xB is such a box" (and it is).

spread the word

Sunday, July 02, 2006

The New World Economic Order

you know what the problem with the world is? free market capitalism. u may think its done pretty well, and it has in a way (like making succesful economies in America and, coming soon, China), and certainly it beats communism (at least as its manifested itself so far). but the problem is that it degrades to social fabric and morality of our society by pitting everyone against each other.

in the system as it exists here, theres a limited amount of money that people can get, and we all want money and need money. not only that but so many of us equate money with success and therefor work very hard to get as much as we can. we pursue it to the exclusion of ethics. we always say "its just buissness", as if the acurement of wealth makes anything we do OK just because we were making money while doing it.

how can a society expect to have a strong moral fiber if its citizens are constantly trieing to steal from each other? think in order for a society to truely prosper is if the members of that society cooperate completely. how could this be acheived? i dont know...yet, maybe i'll blog about it in the future.

until then, fight the power!