Wednesday, July 05, 2006

gotta give some props

i've gotta talk about the Scion car company for a bit. when they first came out i didnt think they were ever going to survive, what with the million other car companies already in existence. but it does appear as though they've found a niche (the excessivly badass niche to be percise), no doubt helped by their emphasis on customizing their cars. i think their success in this can be attributed to one of the most successful advertising campaigns ever (corona light is also on that list). they have, from the beginning, concentrated on establishing a character and feel for their products and have stuck with that. everyone knows scions are badass because everything we are exposed to reagrding them is totaly badass.

my one complaint is the xB (which i'm warming up to actualy). for those of u not in the scion know, thats their van which is shaped like a very badass box. honda tryed the same thing with the element, which didnt work. i guess the xB is pretty cool as far as vans go, but its still a box. it actualy gave rise to a new slang (?) term that i invented: to be a box. if something is lame or dorky, especialy if it was trying to be cool, its a box. for instance, u could say "that xB is such a box" (and it is).

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The Juicy One said...

if by "box" you mean "square" sorry dude, it's already been done...

wait, Scion is its own company?!? I thought it was owned by Honda. And by no means is it badass, it's just sortof trendy with a bit of edge to it.

now an old school 1970s mini or cinque-cento, that's what im drivin!

justifiably_vertical said...

box is the new square...its modernized and much cooler.
and yes, Scion is an offshoot of honda, but they seem pretty independant
and they are badass