Sunday, July 16, 2006

A United Earth

I've always dreamed of an Earth without cultural or nationalistic divisions which would hopefully eliminate warfare and be a huge step towards solving all the world's problems.

But it wont be warfare or a Marxist revolution that will bring about this unity, its fiber-optic cable. In the last few years (since around 2000) economic glabalization has been occuring at an unbeleivable rate. Buissnesses have been disaggragating its production and shipping the individual parts of the process all around the world. Outsourcing is a huge part of this, but its no longer just about outsourcing shoe-making to Asian sweatshops, its sending drivethrough orders to a callcenter 2 states away. High-speed internet and fiber-optic cable have connected countries, or at least the buissnesses in them, to a degree never before imagined. As a result of buissness being so spread out and interconnected, the lines between countries are being blurred. Its no longer clear where exactly something is being produced (and therefor where it should be taxed) and the only way to keep pace with this is to gradualy break down the economic barriers between countries. This will doubtlessly happen because economics are the driving force behind everything that gets one. And once economic divisions are broken down, cultural and political ones are sure to follow.

L'ancien regime is obselete, it cant keep up with rapid globalization and the even more rapid flow of information and buissness thats occuring without regard for national boarders. Actualy, national boarders are becoming obselete because the internet ignores them and the future is really an e-future.


dr_koopon said...

united by fibre-optic cable... i wonder what the aliens will think.

The Juicy One said...
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The Juicy One said...

umm....way to copy that right off Friedman!
...but yeah as I was reading the book I couldn't help but think the day might actually come when information is so free flowing manipulation will be impossible thus we will have all the benefits of an anarchic or pure communist (that means no dictator) society with out fearing manipulation! (its a longshot, but a def possibility even though it will take several generations to occur)

again, i stree the fact that I AM NOT A COMMIE!!!!!

as for economics leading everything and countries just sort of falling out of the picture..right on, but what will we do for soccer games?!? I think countries will retain their existance, even if the only difference between them is their names, or larger countries will sort of envelop smaller ones, leading to just 3 or 4 main world powers.