Tuesday, July 25, 2006

A little too far

okay, i realize that stateshave to advertise to get tourism money but at some point enough is enough...

...and that point is liscence plates. now, theres a lot of dumb license plate slogans (like NJ calling itself the "garden state") especialy North Carolina's ("First in Flight")...i mean seriously, has your state acheived nothing since the wright bros who would've flown in any state?! but what i'm actualy talking about is license plates that are used as advertising, specificly Maine's which is "vactionland". first of all; its not, second of all; thats realy dorky...you've got a whole state (okay...that state is maine but stil...), cant you come up with something else? Ontario does it too ("yours to discover"). states: this has gotta stop while you still have your pride (so NC can go ahead, cuz its too late).


1 comment:

The Juicy One said...

yeah...what exactly makes New Jersey "The Garden State" anyway?

(and CT being "The Constitution State" just makes us so up to date on things...)