Sunday, June 25, 2006


optimists bug me. i dont know if that makes me a bad person (and i dont care). i dont really think of myself as extremely pessimistic, though i hear otherwise, and i've been known to be positive from time to time, but i guess i'm not an optimist. and most optimistic people dont bother me, just the idiotic ones who are sooo convinced, despite any evidence or past experience, that everything will magicly turn out great. u know the type, they totaly disregard the existence of bad things, as if no dream goes unfufilled and every heart goes unbroken. i particularly hate people who beleive that good faith and just closing one's eyes and hoping really hard will make things work out.

now, i dont think that the occasional optimism (in moderation) is bad, i'm sure it can be contructive and all. but excessive, blind optimism just pisses me off 'czu its so stupid. guess what; lifes a bitch. theres no two ways around it. that doesnt mean life cant be nice, but there are inevitably bad parts to it. shit happens. it happens all the time and to thik that it never will and that everything will work out nicely and shit-free is just dumb. reality is out there, u cant miss it, so deal with it for chrissake.

Friday, June 23, 2006

rainy days

i was reading one of my all-time-favorite blogs ('welcome for the shout out fraction) the other day and found this little tidbit: "With something that could pass as love on a rainy day". first of all, i dont think rainy days are any less romantic than other days, in fact, they might be more romantic than dryer days.

tonight happens to be a rainy night (coincidence), i think its stopped now, but it was raining steadily most of the night. but thats not really important. i think as far as weather goes, rain best captures the nature of love (clear starry nights do too, albiet more whimsicly). love is bittersweet, while rain is more singularly melancholy. but love is not bittersweet in the way that a sunny day in febuary is. its a kind of bittersweet like rain, thats mostly sad but is somehow more than just that, theres a new meaning behind the rain. i dont want to say that love is all sadness and rain, there are certainly moments of euphoria but i think that mostly its a kind of sweet sadness.

love doesnt make sadness seem sweet, it adds a depth to that sadness that you never would have felt without falling in love. i guess i cant explain it to people who've never felt it (cop out, i know). i guess i'm grateful to feel this way, even if it has over the years brought more heartache than happiness. the happiness certainly makes it worth it, those moments are unlike anything else and i would walk through hell to feel that way, but theres something else that makes it worth it. it adds a depth to my life, a meaning that wasnt there previously. however contenting the rest of life might be, it just isnt the same, it doesnt have the...3rd dimension that she gives to it. sure, the heartache sucks, it really sucks (its my fault though, so dont think its nescesarily part of the package, so to speak) but most of the time, even when i'm not ridiculously happy, theres that something more that makes life complete somehow; that new sound in the rain, that sweetness in the air and in her smile.

Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yankee Go Home

so its official: the US soccer team has been eliminated from the 2006 World Cup in the first round. they were beaten earlier today 2-1 by Ghana (hmm...Us vs Ghana? mismatch?). The US team was 0-1-2 in their group so yes, the worlds only super power didn't win any games. this shouldn't come as a surprise, we are after all not a soccer country (the only one) and most of our team probably doesn't speak english since we imported them from countries that actualy have soccer players. very few people here care about the game or the world cup, despite its implications about international cooperation (against the US). really, we shouldn't even go to the world cup 'cuz our people dont give a shit (unlike all those warring africans who lay down their arms to watch the cup) and a country our size has no right playing against little ones like the Czech Republic or Trinidad and Tobago (even though we lost anyways).

All i can say is good ridance, and Yankees go Home!

Go Sweden!

Monday, June 19, 2006

the movies

now don't get me wrong, I love going to the movies (at least when theres good ones out). having to pay 9$ for a ticket at my local theatre is not so fun, but oh well. i yhink the movie industry is in trouble though, partly because they've run out of ideas (half of the movies these days are remakes, sequels, or based on comic books), but mostly because going to the theatre is less of an experience. the problem is that people are getting big HD TVs and surrond sound, etc so they can get a great movie experience at home. some theatres are trying to come back by adding waiters and leather recliners, which is not only wreird but not the point of this post (actualy, the point of it is to get something up since i've written in a few days).

My point tonight is why people think going to the movies is such a great idea for a date. its become the cop-out these days, even though you dont get much of a chance to actualy interact with your date (cant actualy speak from experience, i must admit). maybe people like it 'cuz its easy (low pressure) or they get to sit close to each other in a dark room...actualy thats a good point, now i get it. maybe i'm just weird 'cuz i would actualy want to talk to a girl instead of make out with her (actualy that makes me a hypocrit, cuz i'd love to take a girl to the movies).

yeah...this was pretty much pointless...

Friday, June 16, 2006

back to serious stuff response to the comment made by our friendly local klingon about genetic engineering is "unethical because they take humanity further away from being a product of nature and more towards a product of desire."

While this is true, I fail to see how its unethical. after all, whats so great about nature? i mean, its worked for us pretty well, but theres no logical reason why we ought to revere it as something thats really great. evolution is far from perfect, it has to work with random mutations and existing anatomical structures, and it certainly cant keep up with the pace at which life is changing (not that it even acts on humans anymore anyways). we have always moved away from the natrual and towards what we want, its called progress and technology. we have endeavored for centuries to improve the world around us; better food, better houses, power, medicine, etc. all of this is closer to what we desire than nature, and all of it has helped improve the quality of out lives and culture. improving huamn beings themselves is a logical next step. we could eliminate all sorts of inherited diseases and conditions, we could all have healthy bodies, strong hearts, perfect vision, etc. i'll take that over nature any day.

Keep in mind that i'm not really in favor of genetic engineering (at least in this country) because i think it will lead to an upper class thats geneticly superior which will only worsen the serious economic stratisfication that exists here.

Thursday, June 15, 2006

not feeling so bad anymore...

i have this hobby of checking out random blogs (theres a nice way to do that at the top of this page). i'm hoping to find one i really like, havnt yet. but anyways, i was just doing this and i dont feel so bad about my blog anymore. i found a TON of blogs in spanish (and other languages i couldn't recognize), there was one by a swedish software programmer, but that was in english. there was a nice one with poetry, and a couple stalkerish ones that were all like "i love u, where r u?". creepy. but this is the best; someone had a blog about the adventures of their two kittens, complete with description of their days and random pictures with clishe dumb captions like "helping out dad" (pictured of cat sitting next to a guy building something at his desk). now that is a pathetic blog and those people need some new intrests.

okay...maybe they were baby leopards, but thats no excuse.


So I was reading the newpaper today and came across this article about choosing the gender of babies. Apparently rich people who come from countries where its banned (like China and Canada) are coming here, where theres no regulation, so they can choose to have either a girl or a boy. The process has something to do with only using embryos that will develop into the desired sex, and probably involves destroying the others (I dont really know, look it up).

I'm not opposed to the idea at all, except on the "slippery slope" argument that it will eventualy lead to a geneticly engineered, superior, and ultimately seperate rich class (its the capitilist way, after all). But all those christian bioethics groups are opposing it because they think its wrong to deny life to the embryo of the undesired sex. there was a quote in the article about what people who do this porcedure were saying, it was something along the lines of 'we'd rather you not exist than be in our family as the wrong sex' (they're talking to the doomed embryos i guess). Apparently these groups see newly fertilized embryos as potentiel human beings who deserve all kinds of rights (see the prolife arguments against abortion). but that a slipperly slope too, because when does the potentiel start? isnt each sperm a potentiel human being? we waste those all the time and dont think about it, after all they're just mindless cells. I think, from a biological standpoint, fertilization doesnt change that too much, since the cells still cant think or feel.

sorry about getting so political today, but genetic engineering (and similar stuff like this) and the future of humanity are a passion of mine.

Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now all we need is a soundtrack...

A soundtrack to what you ask? To the revoltion silly reader. what revolution you ask...the one i just started, yeah me, right now. Wait, thats already legal in Canada you say? no silly reader, not that revolution, the blog party revolution! I'll spell this out for you. In this new day of internet communications (i really never intended that to become a theme) when so much of our contact involves AIM or blogs or what have you, what would be better than having all your friends over to hang and write on your blogs. Sure, you could just have a regular party (unless your a loser like me) and just talk with people but why do that when you can then post the contents of your conversations on your blog for everyone to read. (btw, my blog buddies are talking about the possibility of nuclear war causing mankind to go extinct...and ED pills)

NEW internet-spawned evils maybe not "evils" per se, but the internet and all its new social oppurtunities have created new forms of rudeness. For instance, there have always been snubbing (passing someone without acknowledging them) but now there is a more insidious form of it: e-snubbing. In case you can't figure it out, e-snubbing is when you IM someone (who doesn't have an away message up) but they don't respond at all. the real problem with this is that you don't know if they're actualy snubbing you or if they're just not at their computer. this can get awkward.

Facebook has also spawned stuff similar to this. heres an example (didnt happen to me, honest): you get an add (friend invitation) from some girl (or boy, i'm not gonna judge) you've had a crush on for a while but who you've never talked to. so your all hopeful and stuff, then you look at their page and they have 200 friends at your school of 400, and you dont feel so special. i guess thats not really rude, but its still a social evil/awkwardness that have been created by the e (thats my new "nickname" for the interent, like it?)

Of course, theres all that stuff about no tone or inflection in e-mails, but thats laregly an issue of the older generation since we have created our own new forms of e-tone (i.e. emoticons)

speaking of which, i've heard theres a march on washington (maybe CA would be better) in the works to get a new "quizzical" emoticon...good luck kids.

Monday, June 12, 2006

Blogging For The Sake of Blogging

I suppose thats what i'm doing. I mean there's a few reasons to blog, most of them involve content or good writing. Some people write about politics or sports or whatever but obviously I'm not doing that. Then there's people who have worthwhile blogs because they have worthwhile things to say about life or they're funny or whatever, so other people might actualy want to read it. Then there's the people who just write about their lives, like the mundane details. presumably someone cares, or else they're just really self-absorbed. But i have enough of a problem with writing personal stuff on the internet that I don't want to do that (plus my life is boring) so that leaves me with pretty much no reason to have a blog. Oh well, I'll try to find one but until I do, i'll just keep blogging for the sake of blogging.

Sunday, June 11, 2006


what is it about cameras that dont like certain ppl (i.e. me) and like other ppl. Maybe some ppl (i.e. not me) are just more attractive and therefore always look good cuz they actualy do...that explanation doesnt make for much of a blog entry though. well, this reason i bring this up is that i was looking at some pictures (again) of me and this girl (long story, maybe some other time) and she looks absolutely amazing (which she always does) and in the majority of them i look like an idiot (maybe i always do), but anyways, not only did it make me feel like i dont deserve her (which i dont, and i dont need anything to remind me of that because its so clear), but it was real frustrating 'cuz i'd love to have a nice picture of us in which i dont look like a total loser. would it be weird if i cut myself out of pictures...maybe not a great idea since i could really see her doing the same thing...

but anyways back to the "topic" (not that there is one really), i hate cameras cuz they hate me, and oddly enough certain more-beautiful-than-anything-i-deserve doesnt...w/e, i'm not complaining

(love you btw, dont be mad about my writing this about you)

Thursday, June 08, 2006


Rant time.

Theres a new phenomenon: e-cults (thats internet cults, btw). The internet is kind of cultish in and of itself, but these things are at another level. They're myspace and facebook, etc (which, I'm ashamed to say, I'm kinda obsessed with). Not only are tons of teenagers using them, but now companies are too. First everybody got websites, now they're getting myspaces. No joke, I saw an FX ad that put their myspace address on the bottem of the screen. I'm not going to try and fight the next evolution in communications (or whatever you would call this), because thats inevitably going to fail. But its getting close to out of hand, theres a new society rising totaly within the confines of e-cults. But then again, they're my people (teenagers), so what am I ranting about? I don't reallt think our society is going to fall apart because people are losing communication skills (face-to-face comunication, that is). Sure, society is going to change, thats inevitable. Maybe it'll even get better, well, at least more efficient and techno-savvy. So I guess we should stop listening to old-timer doom-sayers and join in the revolution. It won't be televised, but it will be on facebook.

Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Angst (or however you spell it)

So you always hear about "teenage angst" (or at least I do, being a teenager and all), about how we're all screwed up and over-stressed. People talk about it like its a disease (except for the contagious part). I for one, however, don't think its so bad. I mean, the anxiety and rapant emotional issues aren't exactly 'fun' but angst as a lifestyle isn't half bad. You may think I'm crazy, but angst is all we have (plus everyone else's facebook-angst, but that doesnt really count) and we, or at least I, have gotten to used to it to go without it. Honestly, life without angst (or at least the small amount of it that I've experienced) is kinda boring. So let the "mature" people say what they want.

Anxiety is different however. I've recently all but lost my ability to deal with stress effectively (thank you college board) and so have been having these freak anxiety issues, which suck. I guess it don't that bad at any given time, but living in fear of being afraid sucks. I want to be able to have negative experiences or any kind of feelings without getting all anxious.

(and I want a pony)

Monday, June 05, 2006

So what exactly is the Seventh Notion?

It's a good question, considering that anyone who sees this blog will think to themself "what the hell is the seventh notion" (or they will turn to me, and ask it out loud). Well, "Seventh Notion" is the product of a random word generator, at least "seventh" and "notion" are, along with tons of other, less worthy words that have been heartlessly discarded back into the nether of non-expression.

Its also a blog, which your reading right now, so I figure you know that.

I've wanted to start a blog for a while, but I didn't have anything to write in them, and I still don't, but heres my blog anyways. I doubt my life is interesting enough to really be blog-worthy, and I'm not altogether insightful. At the very least I have plenty of problems, so that must be worth something. I promise I wont tell too much about anyone I know, not that anyone else will read this anyways.

It turns out that I really like the title, so I want this blog to not suck, but I'm kind of worried 'cuz this post isn't going very well (I think).
Oh well, "Here I stand, I can do no other, so help me God" (-Martin Luther)