Friday, June 16, 2006

back to serious stuff response to the comment made by our friendly local klingon about genetic engineering is "unethical because they take humanity further away from being a product of nature and more towards a product of desire."

While this is true, I fail to see how its unethical. after all, whats so great about nature? i mean, its worked for us pretty well, but theres no logical reason why we ought to revere it as something thats really great. evolution is far from perfect, it has to work with random mutations and existing anatomical structures, and it certainly cant keep up with the pace at which life is changing (not that it even acts on humans anymore anyways). we have always moved away from the natrual and towards what we want, its called progress and technology. we have endeavored for centuries to improve the world around us; better food, better houses, power, medicine, etc. all of this is closer to what we desire than nature, and all of it has helped improve the quality of out lives and culture. improving huamn beings themselves is a logical next step. we could eliminate all sorts of inherited diseases and conditions, we could all have healthy bodies, strong hearts, perfect vision, etc. i'll take that over nature any day.

Keep in mind that i'm not really in favor of genetic engineering (at least in this country) because i think it will lead to an upper class thats geneticly superior which will only worsen the serious economic stratisfication that exists here.

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