Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Now all we need is a soundtrack...

A soundtrack to what you ask? To the revoltion silly reader. what revolution you ask...the one i just started, yeah me, right now. Wait, thats already legal in Canada you say? no silly reader, not that revolution, the blog party revolution! I'll spell this out for you. In this new day of internet communications (i really never intended that to become a theme) when so much of our contact involves AIM or blogs or what have you, what would be better than having all your friends over to hang and write on your blogs. Sure, you could just have a regular party (unless your a loser like me) and just talk with people but why do that when you can then post the contents of your conversations on your blog for everyone to read. (btw, my blog buddies are talking about the possibility of nuclear war causing mankind to go extinct...and ED pills)

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