Thursday, June 22, 2006

Yankee Go Home

so its official: the US soccer team has been eliminated from the 2006 World Cup in the first round. they were beaten earlier today 2-1 by Ghana (hmm...Us vs Ghana? mismatch?). The US team was 0-1-2 in their group so yes, the worlds only super power didn't win any games. this shouldn't come as a surprise, we are after all not a soccer country (the only one) and most of our team probably doesn't speak english since we imported them from countries that actualy have soccer players. very few people here care about the game or the world cup, despite its implications about international cooperation (against the US). really, we shouldn't even go to the world cup 'cuz our people dont give a shit (unlike all those warring africans who lay down their arms to watch the cup) and a country our size has no right playing against little ones like the Czech Republic or Trinidad and Tobago (even though we lost anyways).

All i can say is good ridance, and Yankees go Home!

Go Sweden!


OldSchoolKlingon said...

I'm not a huge soccer fan (not much of one at all, actually) but I think that the US should go to the World Cup. Like it or not, they are a major world power. You gotta keep the metaphoric unity of the World Cup.

justifiably_vertical said...

As if the US's policies of late regarding unilateral actions have shown a great concern about international cooperation.