Thursday, June 15, 2006

not feeling so bad anymore...

i have this hobby of checking out random blogs (theres a nice way to do that at the top of this page). i'm hoping to find one i really like, havnt yet. but anyways, i was just doing this and i dont feel so bad about my blog anymore. i found a TON of blogs in spanish (and other languages i couldn't recognize), there was one by a swedish software programmer, but that was in english. there was a nice one with poetry, and a couple stalkerish ones that were all like "i love u, where r u?". creepy. but this is the best; someone had a blog about the adventures of their two kittens, complete with description of their days and random pictures with clishe dumb captions like "helping out dad" (pictured of cat sitting next to a guy building something at his desk). now that is a pathetic blog and those people need some new intrests.

okay...maybe they were baby leopards, but thats no excuse.

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