Sunday, June 25, 2006


optimists bug me. i dont know if that makes me a bad person (and i dont care). i dont really think of myself as extremely pessimistic, though i hear otherwise, and i've been known to be positive from time to time, but i guess i'm not an optimist. and most optimistic people dont bother me, just the idiotic ones who are sooo convinced, despite any evidence or past experience, that everything will magicly turn out great. u know the type, they totaly disregard the existence of bad things, as if no dream goes unfufilled and every heart goes unbroken. i particularly hate people who beleive that good faith and just closing one's eyes and hoping really hard will make things work out.

now, i dont think that the occasional optimism (in moderation) is bad, i'm sure it can be contructive and all. but excessive, blind optimism just pisses me off 'czu its so stupid. guess what; lifes a bitch. theres no two ways around it. that doesnt mean life cant be nice, but there are inevitably bad parts to it. shit happens. it happens all the time and to thik that it never will and that everything will work out nicely and shit-free is just dumb. reality is out there, u cant miss it, so deal with it for chrissake.


OldSchoolKlingon said...
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OldSchoolKlingon said...

You're my boy, Gav!

The Juicy One said...

would you consider "missing..." in my blog too optimistic? i wasnt sure..