Tuesday, June 06, 2006

Angst (or however you spell it)

So you always hear about "teenage angst" (or at least I do, being a teenager and all), about how we're all screwed up and over-stressed. People talk about it like its a disease (except for the contagious part). I for one, however, don't think its so bad. I mean, the anxiety and rapant emotional issues aren't exactly 'fun' but angst as a lifestyle isn't half bad. You may think I'm crazy, but angst is all we have (plus everyone else's facebook-angst, but that doesnt really count) and we, or at least I, have gotten to used to it to go without it. Honestly, life without angst (or at least the small amount of it that I've experienced) is kinda boring. So let the "mature" people say what they want.

Anxiety is different however. I've recently all but lost my ability to deal with stress effectively (thank you college board) and so have been having these freak anxiety issues, which suck. I guess it don't that bad at any given time, but living in fear of being afraid sucks. I want to be able to have negative experiences or any kind of feelings without getting all anxious.

(and I want a pony)

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