Sunday, June 11, 2006


what is it about cameras that dont like certain ppl (i.e. me) and like other ppl. Maybe some ppl (i.e. not me) are just more attractive and therefore always look good cuz they actualy do...that explanation doesnt make for much of a blog entry though. well, this reason i bring this up is that i was looking at some pictures (again) of me and this girl (long story, maybe some other time) and she looks absolutely amazing (which she always does) and in the majority of them i look like an idiot (maybe i always do), but anyways, not only did it make me feel like i dont deserve her (which i dont, and i dont need anything to remind me of that because its so clear), but it was real frustrating 'cuz i'd love to have a nice picture of us in which i dont look like a total loser. would it be weird if i cut myself out of pictures...maybe not a great idea since i could really see her doing the same thing...

but anyways back to the "topic" (not that there is one really), i hate cameras cuz they hate me, and oddly enough certain more-beautiful-than-anything-i-deserve doesnt...w/e, i'm not complaining

(love you btw, dont be mad about my writing this about you)

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OldSchoolKlingon said...

You don't look like an idiot cutey-er, I mean Gavin