Wednesday, June 14, 2006

NEW internet-spawned evils maybe not "evils" per se, but the internet and all its new social oppurtunities have created new forms of rudeness. For instance, there have always been snubbing (passing someone without acknowledging them) but now there is a more insidious form of it: e-snubbing. In case you can't figure it out, e-snubbing is when you IM someone (who doesn't have an away message up) but they don't respond at all. the real problem with this is that you don't know if they're actualy snubbing you or if they're just not at their computer. this can get awkward.

Facebook has also spawned stuff similar to this. heres an example (didnt happen to me, honest): you get an add (friend invitation) from some girl (or boy, i'm not gonna judge) you've had a crush on for a while but who you've never talked to. so your all hopeful and stuff, then you look at their page and they have 200 friends at your school of 400, and you dont feel so special. i guess thats not really rude, but its still a social evil/awkwardness that have been created by the e (thats my new "nickname" for the interent, like it?)

Of course, theres all that stuff about no tone or inflection in e-mails, but thats laregly an issue of the older generation since we have created our own new forms of e-tone (i.e. emoticons)

speaking of which, i've heard theres a march on washington (maybe CA would be better) in the works to get a new "quizzical" emoticon...good luck kids.

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