Tuesday, September 26, 2006


I've stopped reading my horoscope because I found that I took it way too seriously. I suppose the point of it was to give me direction or whatever, and that requires some level of beleif, but I still know that astrology is total crap. Since I'm prone to kind of obsessive behavior and since I apparently took my horoscope to heart, I figured it was a good idea to stop.

My original rationale (for this and other similar things) was to create some amount of order, albeit artificial, to an otherwise random and chaotic world. Lacking any kind of religion (I consider myself spiritualy ambiguous, or according to my facebook "captain crunch") I don't have the luxury of beleiving in some kind of divinely inspired order or plan which means I'm left to struggle with a profound randomness, one might even say pointlessness in the universe. Typicly I'm pretty okay with that kind of chaos, but occasionaly I like to infuse a little invented order into my world. Maybe there's something appealing in the idea of yeilding yourself over to a "higher" power (I'm hesistant to call Yahoo! astrology a higher power). This is probably worth delving into more but I have to go do some moose laps with pick-ups and maybe some abs...

Friday, September 22, 2006

Zombie Invasion

Today was career day here at the Institution, and by "career day" I mean omg-I'm-never-getting-a-desk-job day. See, my calculus teacher somehow got himself into the position of needing to grade a bunch of practice SATs by 10:30 (which was about 2 hours away) so he decided in enlist some of his BC (thats latin for "very hard") Calculus students to grade scantrons for him in return for dohnuts (actualy, I may have been the only one who capitilized the situation to get dohnuts). Unsurprisingly, it was really boring since all I had to do was look at an answer key and a bunch of filled in bubbles over and over (and over) again. I only did it for 30 or 40 minutes, but that was enough to convince me never to get a desk job that requires that kind of work, or anything close to it. I won't become one of those corporate zombies who have their souls sucked out at work! Never! Seriously, talk about lack of fufillment. All day, just looking at bubbles, just another cog in a machine that does nothing but process bubbles and create paper work. Kinda makes you all nostalgic about the old days, when work was honest and physical. Maybe I'll just wait until the robots do all the work for us...

AHH! Robot Invasion!

Wednesday, September 20, 2006


So a few days ago I decided that I beleived in horoscopes. I don't know what brought it about, I was probably just bored. But thats okay, I like basing my actions on largely random, ultimately unfounded advice. I subscribed myself to a newsletter from a moderately sketchy astrology site (aren't they all?) but they havn't sent me anything so I used MSN's horoscope (which, being less sketchy, was not nearly as satisfying). After a couple days it became clear that it was total crap and that laughter wasn't releasing the energy trapped in my lower chakras. I was very sad to lose my new hobby after all of 40-odd hours but today, as if by chance (or fate???) I was checking my yahoo mail (the7thnotion@yahoo.com) and I saw a link to their own horoscope section. I figured, "Ah, what the hell" and checked it. Oh. My. God. It was spooky. Seriously, everything it said seemed to correspond (sp?) exactly to whats going on right now. Natrualy I immiediatly (sp?) did what it said and mailed a check to yahoo...

Sunday, September 17, 2006

Toy Box

So I recently discovered this bizarre song by Toy Box (whoever the hell they are) called "Best Friend". Its all upbeat and kinda trippy-techno but in a "unicorns and rainbows" way. It has some awesome lines like "Lets get this party on/ hit me with that laser gun (no joke) and "Your tickles in my tummy/ he's so yummy yummy/ you should get a best friend too". Oh, and they say "hoo-hah" a lot. To make this post work I'm gonna listen to it the entire timeI'm writing, so I'm probably going to be pretty whacked out by the time I finish this.

I actualy should be writing my college essay right now, but I can't get into the topic I was gonna do (self sacrifice) and kinda want to do something that shows off my quirky side, but I'm just a little too depressed to do that right now, and currently the only non-depressing, non-crappy song in my iTunes right now is by Toy Box (keep in mind that right now bascicly any song that doesn't include excessive repetitions of "nah nah nah nah" or mention laser guns is depressing). So hopefully this'll get me in a quirky enough mood to write a super-important essay from scratch...

Speaking of being lonely, I have a new e-crush on another blogger (sorry nerddd, but shes actualy my age). Sadly she lives in Missoura or something. :'(

Saturday, September 16, 2006

Black on Three!

Someone said that I "put the black in black comedy" today. I really dont know what he meant, I mean, I'm not black nor is my humor (or attempts at it) like 'black comedy' (I think)...I suppose it may have had something to do with my XC team's cheer of "WE ARE BIG, WE ARE BLACK, WE ARE [insert name of school here]", which is funny 'cuz are entire team is white/asian (except fram, but hes still technicly caucasian).

But people say weird stuff about me all the time. Someone, whom I hardly knew, once said I was "incapable of experiencing joy", just 'cuz I'm peeved by the way people clap after movies. Sure, I'm bad at happy, but incapable of joy?

Why do people do that anyways? Theres no one there to thank, I mean, its not as if the director is sitting in the movie theatre appreciating your applause. Someone (the same guy who says I put the black in black comedy) once claimed it was because they've just had a "moment" and want to express that feeling.

Pfsh. Feelings.

Plenty of people I know would (will maybe) get all over my case for saying that 'cuz its "disgustingly me". Whatever, niceness still gets on my nerves. Does that make me a bad person?

Oh, and for those among my readers who dont go to my school (both of you), black is one of our school colors, and we call ourselves it a lot for short.


Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Captain Crunch Rocks my World

You know what else rocks my world? Yoga. Yup, that yuppy Eastern-turned-Western (Coast) craziness with the variously facing dogs. I had my first yoga experience today with my XC team (don't laugh, it helps) and a tape of some "Master Yee" on a mountain top. At first, it was really hard ("The next time I see a dog I swear I'm gonna fucking shoot it") and hard to follow what with the inhale/exhale stuff and anchoring yourself to the Earth through your legs and all, but then it got all zeny (and it made a lot of zen-sense, not tacky hoaxy-ish at all) and I felt all in tune with the Earth (or at least the tile floor I was lieing on). And though it hurt a lot, when I was done I absolutely felt ready to kick some ass. So now I'm a total convert to Yoga and I'm going to try to fit it in somehwere in my schedule...speaking of which, it's gonna be a bitch finding time to write these (which makes me so not a pro-blogger) now that school is starting up, so I'll just apologize now for the soon-to-be drop off in posting frequency (no one cares...)

Monday, September 04, 2006

The Trophy (ick.)

I apologize for my mediocre photography skills, I hope they're captured the tackiness of it well enough. I do love the "2006" theme though...And have they not heard of putting, I dunno, maybe a runner on top instead of a huge gold star? I don't want to knock the fine people of Newtown too much, but their trophy selection could really use some work.

Saturday, September 02, 2006

I get the Gold Star!

Today I received, for the first time, a prize for athletic acheivement (I got some trophies during my breif tenure in Little Leauge, but those don't really count). Its a big (albiet extremely tacky) trophy for 2nd in my age division (10-19) from this kinda dinky road race, so it wasn't a huge deal success-wise.

I woke up at 5am this morning to drive up to Newtown, CT with a fellow runner. The weather was nice (cool and not raining as they had predicted), and the atmosphere was awesome considering I havn't been at a real distance (meh...5k) meet for 10 months. I really didn't psych myself up enough for it this week, which definately showed during the race. I did, however, entertain some thoughts about running with the big boys, so I went out with the chase pack. I'm not gonna bore you with the details, but the feild ended up being really weak (the winner ran an 18:16) and I got 6th place and a very dissapointing 18:59 on a moderately easy course (thats about a minute slower than I'd hoped for). But it was cool to get an award considering thats my biggest goal for the upcoming 'Cross season (this kinda running won't cut in though).

Unfortunently the trophy is really dorky with this giant plastic gold star on top (pictures pending). But despite that, I ought to be happy with it right? I mean I did win it. No. I hate it. Is this because I'm afraid of happiness? Maybe, but I doubt it. The dorkiness combined with my poor performance has made this trophy represent my own, argueably(sp?) silly, pursuit of athletic glory. See, I'm not very good (see the abovementioned 18:59) but I have high hopes for doing well and winning shiney medals in my last high school season. I'm good enough to, with some luck, do this in my little small-prep-school corner of the world but I'll still be mediocre(sp?) compared to any real scale. So aren't I really going after silly, juvenile prizes considering that most people who win them will go on to struggle to make a DIII college team?

So I've finaly distinguished myself in running (at least in the limited world of the first annual Newtown Road Race) and gotten that coveted award. And it sucks. Fuck.