Wednesday, September 06, 2006

Captain Crunch Rocks my World

You know what else rocks my world? Yoga. Yup, that yuppy Eastern-turned-Western (Coast) craziness with the variously facing dogs. I had my first yoga experience today with my XC team (don't laugh, it helps) and a tape of some "Master Yee" on a mountain top. At first, it was really hard ("The next time I see a dog I swear I'm gonna fucking shoot it") and hard to follow what with the inhale/exhale stuff and anchoring yourself to the Earth through your legs and all, but then it got all zeny (and it made a lot of zen-sense, not tacky hoaxy-ish at all) and I felt all in tune with the Earth (or at least the tile floor I was lieing on). And though it hurt a lot, when I was done I absolutely felt ready to kick some ass. So now I'm a total convert to Yoga and I'm going to try to fit it in somehwere in my schedule...speaking of which, it's gonna be a bitch finding time to write these (which makes me so not a pro-blogger) now that school is starting up, so I'll just apologize now for the soon-to-be drop off in posting frequency (no one cares...)


OldSchoolKlingon said...

yeah man, I totally couldn't do half that stuff in the video, and it hurt a crapload, but I'm pretty excited to do it again. I definitely have had the feeling for a while that this blogging craze will die down with our little gang. Just like SFU, we'll stop doing it for a while, think about getting back to it, and then wonder "What's the point?"

Hopefully that won't be the case.

SabilaK said...

Rodney Yee on a mountain top in Hawaii, yes?! That DVD rocks my world as well. He's ridiculously flexible.