Saturday, September 16, 2006

Black on Three!

Someone said that I "put the black in black comedy" today. I really dont know what he meant, I mean, I'm not black nor is my humor (or attempts at it) like 'black comedy' (I think)...I suppose it may have had something to do with my XC team's cheer of "WE ARE BIG, WE ARE BLACK, WE ARE [insert name of school here]", which is funny 'cuz are entire team is white/asian (except fram, but hes still technicly caucasian).

But people say weird stuff about me all the time. Someone, whom I hardly knew, once said I was "incapable of experiencing joy", just 'cuz I'm peeved by the way people clap after movies. Sure, I'm bad at happy, but incapable of joy?

Why do people do that anyways? Theres no one there to thank, I mean, its not as if the director is sitting in the movie theatre appreciating your applause. Someone (the same guy who says I put the black in black comedy) once claimed it was because they've just had a "moment" and want to express that feeling.

Pfsh. Feelings.

Plenty of people I know would (will maybe) get all over my case for saying that 'cuz its "disgustingly me". Whatever, niceness still gets on my nerves. Does that make me a bad person?

Oh, and for those among my readers who dont go to my school (both of you), black is one of our school colors, and we call ourselves it a lot for short.


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