Saturday, May 24, 2008

Because The World Should Know Too

Meanwhile, I've been playing way too much Rouge Squadron...

Thursday, May 22, 2008

Long Awaited Humor, Courtesy Of Someone Else

Apparently, if I want to follow the career I plan to (geek), I'm pretty much required to read xkcd, so I did. I must say, I was disappointed by his emo drivel, at least until I found pretty much the best Matrix reference ever. Also, I respect his healthy wariness of velociraptors.

This "Munroe" character managed to get pretty much all my heart-strings, from the criminally untapped combination of Bond and physics to one of my favorite hobbies. He also conceived of a way to scare of a girl while simultaneously convincing me, through his clever OCD-themed humor, to replace and exceed any sex lost by scaring off said girl.

By the way, NP completely-gotcha bitch.

Monday, May 19, 2008

Next Big Thing

Remember the last big thing (it was me)? Well, here's the next one:

Febreze noseplugs. They're a little thing that clips (painlessly) to the bottom of your nose and emits a subtle (unless smelled from point blank) Febreze scent. No longer will we have to spray everything in our homes with chemicals, just ourselves! Just think about how efficient it would be. One wearing one noseplug would be the equivalent to emptying an entire bottle throughout your house. Even better, you could use it outside your house. Is your friend a slob? Just wear a noseplug whenever you go over. Does nature stink? Don't worry, Febreze is here for you. Coming soon: Febreze body wash. Let your own Febreze-inspired stench simply overwhelm all other scents you encounter.