Tuesday, April 03, 2007

I'm Like an "Uh-Oh Oreo"

So after long deliberation the judges have reached a decision:

No bra with that blouse? So nescesary. (This requires that the bitty in question is hot, and the blouse is sufficiently tight. Regardless of that, we agree with the spirit of the statement.)

No panties with jeans? Not so much. (It was deemed far more unsanitary than it is attractive.)

I also promise that at some point I will write about something not Jay-Z, no promises on when though (and yeah, these are Jay-Z lyrics, I'm not just being chauvanistic.)


Gavrich said...

Just one question:


justifiably_vertical said...

Timmy, why you frontin' on me? Is that nescesary?

(go listen to the song Allure, you'll hate it but you'll get this)

dr_koopon said...

5sweet lyric use vert, jay-z would be proud.

The Juicy One said...

um, Jay Z has it all wrong....no panties is not all that unsanitary and your own buisness, no bra is uncomfortable and grabs wayyyyy too much attention

and sorry JV, but no matter how much you try, you are not an uh-oh oreo...but you should keep trying cuz its pretty darn funny...