Friday, July 24, 2009


In the end, Escape from Monkey Island proved too tedious for my medication-free brains. How do I get the life preserver down? Where are the monkeys? Is quitting the game the escape they had in mind? Why did I marry such a bitch? Is she good in bed?

The questions overwhelm me.


dr_koopon said...

On monkey island.
Not really.
She's good in bed.
See above.

that's the second longest list of answers I've ever seen!

OldSchoolKlingon said...
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OldSchoolKlingon said...

It's a shame you weren't born to understand the joy.

Though I appreciate the try.

justifiably_vertical said...

I'll be honest; had Conker's Bad Fur Day not reappeared in my life, I would regret not keeping those disks for this week.

RonGilbert said...

Gavo, you are a snively pathetic quitter with no chance of happiness in your threepwood-less delusion that you pretend is life.
Pick that shit up and finish the game, fagboy.