Thursday, February 08, 2007

Sunday Morning Rain

Today was my favorite barista's last day at the local Starbucks. It's mildly ridiculous to call her my "favorite barista" since I basicly never go to Starbucks (probably once a month or so). But she's always there when I'm playing latte-delivery-boy and we once had a nice little conversation about this Einstein tie I have. But anyways, she was talking with her fellow friendly (but not often alliterative) barista about how it was her last day. She seemed pretty happy about it, probably moving on to better things, but I'm going to miss her somehow. It seems unfair that what could've become a pleasant latte-delivery-boy-esque relationhsip, the kind where your lives intersect so minimaly but so perfectly, just got snuffed out like that. Potentiel for the sake of waste, kind of like meeting southerners your senior year in high school...

But thats just the nature of Sunday Morning Rain, I guess. You never know what your gonna get, it might be miserbaly and depressingly dreary, or it might be warm and sunny. Maybe it'll even force you inside by a warm hearth and make you just curl up and appreciate the light of a southern flame. You never do know what your gonna get, and sometimes you can throw on a raincoat or some bright yellow boots and just go about your day, but other times it's just too fucking wet. You just kind of take what you get and do what you can.

When we get right down to it, thats the forcast every day: Sunday Morning Rain (with a chance of crappy metaphor). Turn's out that this Thursday morning's Sunday Morning Rain was caramel scented and that kind of goodbye you go home and say by yourself, and maybe a forshadowing, juxtaposing hint of some actual Sunday Morning Rain this May.

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Olivia said...

There was a guy at the Starbucks here, (would that be a baristo? I don't know), and he was there every time I went and we'd always talk and then one time I went and he was gone, and has been since then. It was really pretty depressing, because it was like he died, I didn't know where he went.

But then a friend of mine found his myspace and it turned out that he really wasn't that great. He was a smoker, that's no good.

Sorry about your barista/love loss.