Wednesday, December 27, 2006

It's a Festivus Miracle!

So obviously that whole "Reduce Speed or Die" thing never happened, which is extremely unfortunate and quite distressing for a number of reasons. That dissapointment brings me to a tradition of a holiday I almost celebrate: The Airing of Greivances. And since it happens to be close to New Years, this will be an Airing of Greivances: 2006.
First off, last winter's running. Probably in the neighbourhood of 400 miles plus weightlifting. Problem: too much mileage too fast, and too much pavement because I was dumb meant I was in for a couple very painful 13 milers, lots of biking (too little too late), and the shitiest track season ever. Oh, and that stupid heart rate monitor I had to wear, it was uncomfortable and freaked out when I passed invisible dog fences. Actualy, I hated that whole heart rate system to pacing, it didn't work (maybe because I didn't pay any attention to it).

Next up, Old School Klingon. You used to be so damned positive and it pissed me off. You probably got enough punishment from that frisbee already, but here's your shout out for being all "puppies and unicorns". Fuck You.
Then there was French3, another miserable year of dumb french class with a mediocre teahcer. God I hated that, especialy that book that was actualy in French; my introduction to real slacking.

On that note, junior year as a whole deserves a greivance shout out for being so damned hard and destoying my social life...wait, I didn't have one. But you still destroyed my work ethic by basicly using it all up.

Track season needs a big mention. Every track season has been depressing, but this one was serious because I was so badly overtrained, I don't think I had a single good workout. I also didn't have any PRs, except that one at Quads, but that was in the 15'. I almost hung up the ol' spikes it was so bad, and my confidence is still shot from it. At our championship meet, I was seeded to win the slow heat for my main event (woot, 3000m), I mean I had pole position at fucking New Englands and didn't have a shred of confidence. Fuck that season.

Then of course, there's AP exams. That was the most hellish week of my life. The stress randomly got to me and I couldn't sleep, couldn't eat, developed nasty hypochondria, and was convinced I couldn't breathe most of the time. By the way, I have an intense fear of suffocation. Or at least I do now. I can ligitmately say that AP week left me permenently scared. It sucked, I got so sick, well it wasn't that sick but I never get sick so it felt bad. Now I'm afraid of stress, which might prove to be kinda bad.

Ooh, then there's "Her Jackiness" (so named because of the pedestal I put her on) who was way too nice to me, which didn't help my neurosy at all. I suppose most the blame ought to be mine for not getting how not into me she was or how little that kiss meant (to her anyways). But she's still a whore.

I definately deserve some shit here, because I've done all sorts of stupid shit to myself. Like overtraining, or totaly misreading HJ or that time I punched a wall (but that was '05 so it doesn't count). There's no doubt I did more, but I can't really remember it so here's a big Fuck Me.

And then there was that weirdo anxiety thing I had this summer, probably a biproduct of the aformentioned AP thing. I never did figure that out and it kept me very scared and weirded out and contemplating counciling and suicide (never seriously, of course, purely academic). Nothing is more debilitating than being afraid of being afriad, makes it hard to risk anything.

Summer training; not hard enough, and hamstrung by a fear of overtraining I got from the winter fiasco. Plus my confidence was still low, I had trouble getting the motivation I needed (have struggled since too) and didn't do any abs, all of which caught up with me.

I must also touch on the general suckiness of this summer and the fact that nothing happened. I didn't get a job, never really bought into the post-HJ "shiney medals, motherfucker" theme, didn't get that D&D group off the ground...just didn't do shit. Thats basicly the story of every summer of my life, high expectations and low results. Acualy, I think thats the story of my entire life.

Comparative Government, English, Chemistry (and later Astronomy); all classes that have been extremely dissapointing in my schedule that was supposed to rock this year. Even with my triple science courses couldn't save me from mediocre classes. *sigh*...

And this whole senior thing hasn't been all it was cracked up to be. Thats my fault really, I guess I'm just not cut out to be a leader. Bonfire especialy was a dissapointment, more high hopes and dissapointment. I wanted to be all tough and haze kids, but ultimately I didn't bother and failed.

Then (oh my God), Cross Country Season. My last season, supposed to be my best season considering I was a captain and we got to host New Engands, etc, etc. Turns out I didn't train enough so I never even PRed and struggled with motivational issues the whole time ultimately resulting in a less than gutsy and very dissapointing last race. And the team, which at first showed such promise, developed the worst attitude I have ever seen on a XC team. Plus I was so beat up by the end I could hardly walk. So much for that great experience.

As much shit as I might take for this, I'm gonna mention everyone's favorite rebound, 'lexi. Oh, all my youthful lover's dreams consistently destroyed by her not being exactly perfect (hm...who really needs to get blamed for that...). I mean, who would've thought she was a Yankees fan...ew.

Star Trek XI?! I...I just don't get could you?

And this weather, up until like today, has been pretty pathetic and not becoming a proper New England winter. Shame on you. And shame on North Carolina for being so damned far away. Who came up with that idea? Fuckers.

So there's the worst of 2006, or at least the parts that come to mind. But I'm not bitter, honest.


Gavrich said...

But seriously, it's not like you got into Amherst or anything...

Oh wait, yes you did.

dr_koopon said...

the amount of discussion we'll have (including all the shit you'll probably get for certain bits) definetly won't fit in a simple blog comment, so i'll just say this deserves the hall of fame. big time.

The Juicy One said...

and you say I blog for the sake of bitching....

but I totally feel with you on the junior-year-killed-my-work-ethic-and-made-me-a-hypochondriac's really never been the same...oh, and major shout outs for calling HJ a whore lol

justifiably_vertical said...

As dumb as this is about to sound, the point of that wasn't really supposed to be bitching, I mean I know I don't have it that bad, but I can't exactly put good things into the Airing of Greivances post.

The Juicy One said...

plus gavrich had a point...maybe 2006 was a piece of crap, but you gotta admit things are looking pretty damn good for 07...