Saturday, December 16, 2006

Reduce Speed...Or Die (Part 1?)

I lead a pretty uninteresting life, unlike many of my fellow blogonauts who can write about their daily adventures in the big, bad, real (?) world. So I am very pleased at the possibility of my having a very blogable (do you think there should be two 'g's in "blog(g)able?) adventure. Actualy, the chances of it are pretty slim given my parents' apparent attitude on my going places...some parts of 17 definately suck.

So anyways, as this seemingly boundless 3 week vacation loomed ahead of my classmates and me, we began planning at least 4 or 5 trips to see various people or go to various places, everywhere from East Cannen (I should probably be able to spell the names of towns in my state...oh well) to Toronto. One such trip, not as highly anticipated because it basicly only appealed to me, was going down to the depths of North Carolina to see a good friend of mine (I don't want to drop names and refuse to use dorky abbreviations like "p" so your going to have to deal with pronouns). Keep in mind that she lives 800 miles from me, and I would have to drive the entire distance myself, which is probably beyond my abilities. The parentals don't seem thrilled (or even open to) the idea either, but I really want to see her and it would "make her life". The current plan is to find someone else to keep me company and take an 18 hour, overnight Greyhound ride down there. There would definately be some boredom and fatigue induced hilarity on the way, not to mention tons of awesomeness when I get to see her again. I've always found the ideal of meeting random strangers in public transit to be pretty appealing, I just lack the social skills and iniative...maybe this time will be different. I also think there's nothing as satisfying or worthwhile as doing soemthing sweet and selfless, like saving a friend from horrifying boredom, even if it requires a day and a half of travel. Sadly this is all probably going to remain far from reality, but keep your fingers crossed blogoland.

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The Juicy One said...

why dont you group it down to NC? if youre bringing one other person you may as well bring more than one, not to mention thats what she wanted (dont ask) and you're friend isn't stuck being a third wheel in the middle of nowhere for who knows how long...