Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Acid Rain

I love Senior Spring. You knew school could be so relaxing? Turns out all we ahd to do was stop working...There's really only one guy who still cares about grades or scores or anything: the Man. The Man won't let it go, so the Man keeps making us take silly standardized tests. It won't be for too long though, last week I sent off a scantron(r) with "SEND HELP" bubbled in.

What I'm trying to say is that we all still have to sit for AP exams even though the scores don't matter, which not only gets us out of all our classes for the day, but also affords us the oppurtunity to put some pretty ridiculous responses. Here's some from the chemistry exam I took earlier today:

Calcium carbonate plus aqueous sulfuric acid yields: [insert my incorrectly completed reaction here]
Explain why granite (aka calcium carbonate) statues degrade outdoors:
"Tiny metieroite collisions" (the correct answer was acid rain)

Silver ions are an oxidizing agent, Iron (II) ions are a reducing agent. Solutions of the two are added together, what is the product?

A solution of Iron (II) is titrated with permanganate. Explain why the color changes when the end point is met.
"Color is carried by a variety of subatomic particles called 'clown bosons'. When iron (II) is oxidized, purple clown bosons are produced that annihilate with the invisible blue clown bosons on hydronium. Therefore there is no color change until the blue bosons are depleted, at which point the purple ones start reacting with the atmosphere, producing a massive, catastophic chain reaction."

What happens when too much permanganate titrant is added?
"A starving kid in Africa doesn't have enough titrant"

Explain how the pressure ration of PO2/PO3 changes as the reaction takes place.
"No, trixs are for kids!"

How would that ratio change is a catalyst were added?


The Juicy One said...

You know, the juniors taking these exams should be fortunate for kids like us....by not actually giving a crap were only making them do better and making the exams seem harder.

haha, Juicy's calculus free response:

"Have a bright, bright, bright, bright sun shiney day!!! [insert picture of sun here]

[insert picture of tropical island here] <--- where I wish I was right now...then again, you probably do too..."

Gavrich said...

I wish I had the guts to write something silly on the AP exams. Heck, I could've done a lot with the five completely blank question parts I had on my Calculus exam...

justifiably_vertical said...

I actually wrote a bit on my English exam about how cowardly I was that my first real rebellion against APs (and the like) came at a time when it didn't matter anymore...

The Juicy One said...

how does writing something silly on an exam thats irrlevant take guts?

plus, it's so much fun being a smartass...