Friday, May 18, 2007

I Won't Be Ignored

I spent chemistry class today surfing YouTube for videos about blowing stuff up with fairly common chemicals. What I found were a host of videos of home-made bomb instructions (not serious ones, but fairly legit), apparently all made by white suburban guys between 16 and 22. Hm. Oh, and they were all set to Linkin Park and System of a Down music. Screamo mexican terrorists (one video had all its instructions in spanish, so we can only assume). I'm not sure which is more disturbing; the obviously large demo out there making these or the fact that now I really want to...

Check it out for yourself.


Terra Shield said...

Too much knowledge in a general sense without the specific details can be exceedingly dangerous.

Both the options sound equally disturbing.

OldSchoolKlingon said...

I'm back.

Just wanted to let you all know.