Monday, October 15, 2007

Joining The Ass Parade

That's not what it sounds like. Actually, "parade" is referring to another kind entirely (a band wagon, to be precise), but the word "parade" made me think "ha, remember the ass parade?", which I did, and here we are. But speaking of ass parades, I was sexiled (being evicted from one's dorm room so one's roommate can have a 'friend' over) again last weekend and ended up in the dorm I often do when sexiled. Ok, by often I mean twice, but both times I've been there to sleep on someone's floor, loads of people from that very same floor are in the same predicament as me (luckily, we haven't been forced to fight over floor space yet). I'm convinced that this dorm has an eery ability to get ass, and therefore has a very respectable refugee per capita rate. I wouldn't be surprised to see tents thrown up in their common room or choppers dropping off water and pillows for the sexiled natives.

The parade I meant to talk about is the 'I'm in college and therefore are going to be constantly excited about the next awesome concert' parade. Everyone does it because everyone seems to have an uncanny read of the indie music scene. Everyone here knows about loads of obscure bands I've never heard of, and I feel very left out. But now it's time to strike back! If fate smiles on me, I'll be heading to two Dispatch remnants, State Radio and Braddigan to kick off my Thanksgiving break. Plans to do this just came to my attention tonight, and six tracks into Year Of The Crow, I'm already giddy with excitement.

Good thing that ass thing came up, otherwise this would've been a pretty lame post.


The Juicy One said...

lucky, my friends never seem to share my music taste...(except for PR)

and no, actually, I don't remember the ass parade...what?

justifiably_vertical said...

Hm..I should've hyperlinked that. Back in the day, someone commented here with a link to the "ass parade".

dr_koopon said...

dude i know about the state radio, but where are you finding braddigan?

oh and by the way, grab one of their shirts, most comfortable thing ive ever worn. no joke. it was amazing.

OldSchoolKlingon said...

Braddigan's not looking so good right now, though I'll fight for it. But SR is 100%.

SabilaK said...

Eff. I don't know any of these bands. I feel geriatric.

Kids in college are still being sexiled? It's reassuring to think that somethings never change.

justifiably_vertical said...

No, I lied, college kids have seen the light and accepted abstinance as the best course of action.

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Michael said...

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