Saturday, October 20, 2007

Muskrat Love

Check this out, it basically made my life this weekend (other than the ALCS and winning the homecoming football game):

Ok, so it's another joke that you only find funny if you've played DnD, but basically John Kovalic owns my life. Oh, and I love Dungeons and Dragons. I was going to spend my Saturday night working on my new campaign ("The Great Desert"...just working title, I'll come up with something more epic soon), but I got sidetracked by super-intense pool battles and performing ninja surgery until 3am.

I don't think I can make you, even those of you who've played DnD, understand the sublime, child-like excitement that comes from having a new campaign to work on. I'm absolutely giddy. Unfortunately, I'm also very busy with school, soccer, work, and everything else I do in my free time (this, a Star Trek RPG, and, of course, ninja surgery).


justifiably_vertical said...

PS- This is Kovalic expressing how I feel about JJ Abrams and ST XI:

The Juicy One said...
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The Juicy One said...

go sox

and since you make it impossible to not ask- what is ninja surgery?

Gavrich said...

"basically John Kovalic owns my life."

What are you, a 15 year old girl? JV, that's 15 year old girl lingo right there.

justifiably_vertical said...

Tim, my feelings for John can only be expressed in 15 year old girl lingo.