Monday, November 26, 2007

The Great Blunt Of The Galaxy

Social conservatives beware, I'm going to talk about marijuana again, specifically about doing it with Gene Roddenberry, who made my hallowed "Top 10 People I'd Like To Smoke Pot With" list.

So why Gene Roddenberry? Well, the obvious answer is that he created Star Trek; the awesome TV series that I adore. I imagine that if I were talk to him normally, the conversation would consist of me gushing about history and techno-jargon while he looked very disappointed and told me I was missing the point. Not so fun. So why not have a discussion while we both believe, really believe, that Vulcans are out there and we'll be seeing them sometime in April, 2063.

A type-2 phaser? free, the Federation doesn't use currency.
Two kilos of dilithium? free, the Federation doesn't use currency.
A Nebula class starship? free, the Federation doesn't use currency.
Watching Gene Roddenberry run around a room, flapping his arms, yelling "I'm the Great Bird of the Galaxy!", and occasionally making phaser noises wit his mouth? Priceless.

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