Sunday, November 04, 2007

"No, It's More Like 'AAURG!'"

I just ate my first gumdrop in a week or so. It's been a long time since I kept any in my room, but I got a couple bags yesterday. OSK and Koops know what gumdrops mean. They're a symbol of our times together; Star Trek marathons, Mobil runs, Diddy Kong, etc. They're also delicious, which is why they're here.

But they bring up an issue. What am I doing this summer? It's a long way off, I know, but I have a terrible habit of never planning for anything, and then not doing it. So I might as well start not planning now. The central question about this summer is whether or not to go home. My older brother warned me that, after the unparalleled freedom of college life, this is a bad idea. I'm inclined to agree, plus, I want to do something interesting instead of just bumming around home. But where else am I going to go? Staying here is an option (though not an altogether appealing one), but it would require me getting a job as a tour guide (ick) or researcher, which is unlikely given my incredibly limited experience. The other option is getting an apartment or something wherever I can find work (in a lab, as a raft guide, whatever). But this plan is full of problems too. Who am I going to live with (having no friends around would blow)? How am I finding this job? Am I ready to be living on my own?

Meanwhile, the plan of staying at home does have some perks. Little City Pizza. Star Trek marathons. Epic video game undertakings. XC training camp (for myself and others). Not having to pay rent or for all my food.

Fuck. My head hurts...


OldSchoolKlingon said...

Gum Drops
Star Trek
Epic Video Game Adventures (I'm craving one of these gravely)
Various pizzas
Stop 'N Shop Runs

Hopefully these keywords will elicit the response I want. And on the topic of not wanting to bum around- What are our teenage years without bumming around? I have a feeling looking back on my teenage years, chilling pointlessly with friends will be what I miss. Plus we'll still do stuff- Marathons, hopefully a few ball games, I'm actually doing that baseball league this year, and you've intrigued me with that idea of a week or so of following a band or two (Road Trip+Concerts? Fuck yes!)

How are my salesman abilities?

The Juicy One said...

While Klingon makes an excellent point, I must explain to you, Mr. Speaker, why it is inherently flawed (if it doesn't show, i've been debating all weekend)

actually, it's not too much. but why bum around home when you could go somewhere else (sans parents, more possibility of adventure and seeing new things, more to do, have you not been looking forward to something like this for 18 years?) and bum around there just as well? Though not a true member of "the triangle" I can see clearly that your joy in marathoning only takes star trek (netflix can be delivered anywhere) junk food (which you can buy anywhere) and each others' company (why can't OSK and Koops come with? theres the living alone problem solved)clearly going away will only add to things that are already good about summer, and take away nothing.

As OSK and I have discussed, the four of us living together for a month or so would be awesome, (summer is 4 months long for me and possibly JV, so you have another 3 to bum around at home if you want) though we need to start planning now. Also I am obviously a fan of this idea because I liek travelling, and can hang out with you guys more and not be limited by train schedules, but thats just me.

heres another thought- i know OSK already shot this down on practicality and possibility of actually happenning, but I've always wanted to do a cross country road trip... (or canada?)

OldSchoolKlingon said...
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OldSchoolKlingon said...

In an utopian world, I would agree with you, Juicy. However, the chances that Koops and I would be able to join the majority of the stuff you propose is low. Not to mention that there's no Little City. Honestly, though, I'm beginning to come to the realization that many of the acts of teenage freedom we fantasize about would actually be too burdensome to be enjoyable for any significant span of time (I almost feel like the magic of the road trip died after 2 summers ago). I don't mean to be a killjoy, but JV's right, home involves free food and not having to support yourself. But mostly I'm selfishly saying this because I'd likely be left by the wayside.

There is the nostalgia, though. I walked into the pool room the other day and something about the way it was set up made me truly believe for a moment that it was December break last year. And I needed it.

Oh yeah, that's one keyword I forgot: Batcave pool!

justifiably_vertical said...

OSK is right. He and koops will never be able to (or should they) get away from home. Also, I need to make a lot of money this summer, and paying rent/buying food will take a pretty huge chunk out of that.

He's also right that I'll miss random chilling the most, but when I look back it won't seem that impressive. I won't consider a third summer of marathons a priceless moment of my youth (even if it's awesome). There needs to be truly epic undertakings to spice up hanging out.

OldSchoolKlingon said...

There will be...There will be...

The Juicy One said...

I agree. why don't we just all try to come up with something fun but cheaper than living alone for a month? (we could stay on my dads boat for free, or at OSK's vacation house, or the condoe in the Islands. The latter (despite buying plane tickets) would kick god-like ass)

on an even cheaper note: you guys could just chill at my place for a week (near the beach, my parents are supremely lax, at least the madre) and I could just move to sim town for the next week. Hey, it's something, and my problem is solved.

have no fear I will continue to brain storm kick ass ideas...

dr_koopon said...

mmmm... gumdrops...

i mean uh, what?