Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Midnight Tokers

My dormmates and I having a running joke (actually, we have a lot, very few of which are funny...or smart); "the list". We each have this imaginary list of all the guys we would...well, you get it. If you complement another man, you can pretty much count on being asked "is he on your list?". Here's another list: Top 10 people (alive or dead) I'd like to smoke pot with.

Albert Einstein
Richard Feynman
Gene Roddenberry
JRR Tolkien
Otto Von Bismark (imagine how weird he'd be when chill)
Jesus Christ
John Lennon
Steven Hawking
The Dalai Lama
Dustin Pedroia

Why grass? Why not just chat? Well, I don't think any of these people would want to just sit and chat with me, plus I'd love to see what they're like when toasted. I mean, imagine Albert Einstein trying to explain special relativity whilst high. "And, like, time is relative man..."


The Juicy One said...


(I would totally smoke you up)

justifiably_vertical said...

Um...I'm still gonna actually smoke.

How did you sink low enough to think drugs are actually a good thing

The Juicy One said...

Um, nice freudian slip typo (you forgot the "not")

And I see pot as neither good or bad, just a catalyst. What I see as good is getting you to do things you would usually dissaprove of because a.) no offense but you can be prudish (for the 50 percent of the time, of course, that you're not contradicting your own advice) b.) I like to spread libertarian propoganda and c.) it's funny : D

Gavrich said...

I honestly can't believe you, JV. You make me sad.

parallel rebellion said...


Enstein, emo.. very emo..