Thursday, January 17, 2008

Keep Me In Frame Goddamnit!

Life is like a fruit-roll up: only kids really enjoy it. Life is like 4am charades: you get kinda sick of it by the second deck. Life is like a movie: it's full of events happening sequentially. Life is like the Techno Viking. Life is not like a dignity contest. Thank god.

On a related note, I will probably have "I want it that way" (by the Backstreet Boys) stuck in my head for several days. Somehow, a few of us here on The Tundra decided it would be fun to do a boy band song for karaoke. Rehearsal started tonight. Lessons learned: the second verse (my solo) should be converted to a rap. It's best for everyone. Oh, and N'Sync makes terrible music videos.

Luckily, there is in fact no dignity contest. There's a karaoke contest, but we've decided no to win it. This is for the best, I'm sure. The turn-boy-band-songs-into-raps contest however, looks to be a wrap (get it?!).

Other news from the Tundra: I need a name for my game-making...organization to go with my 1000+ line sci-fi game. It needs to look badass in the format "(insert title that doesn't suck like my working one): a(n) NAME HERE production. Suggestions are appreciated.

We also need Go-go dancers. No experience required. Bring your own snake.


Terra Shield said...

I really do wish I could check out the boy band tune verse turned into rap. It'll be a hoot!

Any possibilities of you loading up a video?

justifiably_vertical said...

If we pull it off, yes. Someone's planning to video tape our performance, and if it isn't too embarrassing, I'll put it here.

OldSchoolKlingon said...

"if it isn't too embarassing"

Haha, good luck with that.

The Juicy One said...

i'll be excited to see this...are there coordinated dance moves and cheesy outfits involved too?

justifiably_vertical said...

Costumes, no, but we're gonna choreograph some moves.

And Klingon, nothing done professionally enough can embarrassing.

OldSchoolKlingon said...

Whoever told you that never saw the War of the World remake.