Wednesday, February 13, 2008

Let's Just Say It's A Good Thing I Had An Extra Pair Of Socks

The title is a true story. There's too much toe-freezing slush and it makes me angry. Also, I'm drowning in work and that makes me angry. I'm sure it makes you angry too because its prevented me from blogging. Take your complaints to the study of Anthropology, not me.

Presently, however, I'm sitting in a computer lab waiting for a class to start and wishing I had a dry pair of shoes. I'm also hoping that my lab TA won't mind me not wearing my very wet pair of shoes. Anyways, I have about 10 minutes to write stuff here, only I have nothing to write about. Unless you want to hear about Ohm's law or the Mardu Aborigines, I don't have much to offer.

Hopefully, free time and something of interest will come up in the next few days, and you can all sup on the goodness of my blog again.


OldSchoolKlingon said...

The first two lines of your post epitomize my life right now. It's cold and icy, and I hate it. I have TONS of work (and a musical this week), and I hate it.

Gavrich said...

Heck, it's even chilly down here in VA! The nerve of the Great Weathermaker!

Just so y'all know, I seem to have dropped off the face of the blogosphere because I too am encumbered, not only by schoolwork, but also by golf and the fraternity to which I'm pledging (yes, Timmeh is on his way to being a fratster). Stay tuned.

The Juicy One said...


and yeah, i just fucking crossed the Delaware to get to class this is disgusting.

sup on your blog? that is SO a Juicyism...

Gavrich said...

I'll be blogging next week, because I have off from school all week, so fear not!