Monday, February 18, 2008

Looking For That Silver Lining

School is making me a racist. Last semester, it was the Japanese and their absurdly difficult language that wrecked my life. Now, it's the Aborigines. One goddamned book about them has been haunting me for a week, hanging over any moment I spend relaxing. It's too dry to read for any great length of time, and it's being aided by nefarious physics problem sets that eat up ungodly lengths of time (and also refuse to die because I can never figure them out).

I'm looking for a silver lining. Friday night it was messing around in GTA, last night it was going to the dining hall for a second time just to get a triple chocolate sunday. Tonight, well, tonight was mostly filled with Aborigines and resignation about them (which mainly involved staring at a book or the wall). There was a brief period of joy as I rebuilt a LEGO helicopter I bought last week, but it was ruined when the build-your-own-LEGO-set software turned out to suck.

Then, about to go to bed, I happened by my new Facebook picture, and it reminded me of better time (a.k.a. Tuesday).
The details of this endeavor are, unfortunately, unsuited for this blog. They are too shrouded in obscure references and inside jokes to make much sense (ordinarily, this wouldn't stop me, but I don't think these will amuse me enough to make it worth it). It involves a box of Kleenex, a pile of very cheap peeps, and lots of permanent marker (hence the mask). If my creative genius is, well, genius, the results of this labor are presently adorning someone's wall (not the Facebook kind).

If someone bothers me, I'll write the whole story and put up some more pictures (for those of you who are my Facebook friends, you can see them in my "Milwaukee Roadtrip" album).


The Juicy One said...

dude, you don't have to do every little ounce of the reading

justifiably_vertical said...

Too true, but I intend to anyways because I love the class (and I honestly don't have a hobby anyways)

The Juicy One said...

speaking of hobbies, I've been meaning to get in touch but your not-getting-back-to-me-ness (not that i'm bitter) sorta makes asking this even more awkward- do you mind that me and maybe my friend wanna join the DandD ring? cuz I know staking your own claim to things in college is important and you were there first but it was really fun...

(sorry I had to resort to the blogosphere for that but it seemed relevant enough)

dr_koopon said...

Nice black-line on the face. Very chic.

"His chin kinda looks like balls, you want me to censor that too?"
-the freakin' FCC