Friday, June 06, 2008

Like Mario Mushrooms, It Hapened On The Internets

(The following names have not changed to protect identities.)

AaronBurr117: :P
CatherineDeBoures: d:
AaronBurr: lol
CatherineDeBoures: [-o-]
AaronBurr: lol, we're doing buttholes now AaronBurr: (o)
justifiably_vertical: no you N0ob, it's a tie fighter
CatherineDeBoures: yes!
CatherineDeBoures: (_!_)
justifiably_vertical: cylon fighter?
CatherineDeBoures: no, butthole

P.s. (/\) Cylon fighter or rebel alliance?


The Juicy One said...

you could just do 3)

dr_koopon said...

I'm going with (/\) as rebel alliance and (\/) for cylon fighter.

justifiably_vertical said...

I'm fairly sure that second one is pacman.

Orhan Kahn said...

The butthole was inevitable!

dr_koopon said...


Dude... pacman is ('<

dr_koopon said...

crap, nevermind, blogger fails at HTML