Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Afternoon Snack

Apparently Congress passed the "College Cost Reduction and Access Act" on Friday by a huge margin. Basicly it gives more of the government's money to Colleges to make them more affordable. Oh, and I keep hearing about this debate on universal health care. And I'm presently living in a state that requires everyone to have health insurance (first step towards that universal health care I would say). Say what you want about our capitalist-minded government, but we're moving towards a welfare state. And guess what; piece by piece, everyone (well, maybe just liberals, but around here that's all that matters) will agree with it because morally we all believe in welfare states.

(This message brought to you by late-night political debates...and the government, who pays for your 7th Notion subscription).


The Juicy One said...

your last 7 words= totally not true. Or at least to higggghhhly varying degrees

justifiably_vertical said...

Not true, someone actually does have to pay for your subscription :D

(and to be serious, I did say "maybe just liberals". It was a sweeping generalization, I really meant anyone with what I would consider a healthy conscience...lets not debate it)