Wednesday, October 11, 2006


Your always hearing about people's "inspiration", that one seminal moment that shaped who they are as people. Seems like everyone has some sappy story of inspiration about books or people or seeing the bright little light of Neptune from their back porch when they were 10. Personaly, I've never bought into it. I'm not saying I don't beleive all these people were inspired by something, I just think they're laying it on a little thick, and certainly that its something that will never happen to me (the reasons for which are far beyond the scope of this blog). But today (or yesterday?) I was watching the movie "Contact" in astronomy class and the scene where they first discover and decode the Vegan message actualy hardcore inspired me (the rest of the movie is alright, up until the actual contact with aliens, which sucked...though '18 hours of static' is chilling). It really made me proud to be a science-geek (which is to say proto-scientist) and want to join SETI really badly. I want to go into space too, but 'astronaut' doesn't fit into my career plans very well (such as they are).

One life is definitly not enough.


Gavrich said...

"Contact" is a splendid movie. Bravo, Ben, you DO have a little cultural hope.

justifiably_vertical said...

your too kind

The Juicy One said...

actually i'm the 'cultural wasteland' of the least he enjoyed something that doesn't invovle the term 'beam me up scotty' or '[insert elvish here]'