Sunday, November 26, 2006

Full Circle

This is kinda old news, but Lance Armstrong said that running a marathon was the hardest thing he ever did. You have no idea how satisfying that is to hear for a distance runner who has to constantly hear about how tough the Tour de France is. Well there you go sports media, try taking those pussy cyclists and putting their joints on hard pavement for a while, then we'll see whos tough. (btw, I do have a ton of respect for Lance and the TdF, I just have more respect for runners).

You know in the old days (the old days, not the 1950s) before systematic scientific thought, kings or chiefs or whoever would rely on soothesayers for aid and advice. They'd probably read tea leaves or ancestral bones or constellations to predict events and suggest arcane solutions that seem silly to us now (maybe like treating wounds with masticated Asfalas). Good things we don't do that anymore.

But have you ever been nearby a bunch of non-techno-nerds trying to solve a computer related problem? They don't really understand the problem so they suggest solutions they believe will work only because they've seen it work in the past (circumstancial not empirical evidence). Basicly, they're modern day soothesayers (except they aren't considered proffesional). "Have you tryed restanrting it?", "um...quit and reopen it", "try jiggling the handle"...oh wait, wrong apparatus. Anyways, isn't it ironic that as technology becomes more sophisticated, it makes us (the people who invented it) look more foolish?

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SabilaK said...

Dean Karnazes is my hero! Screw Lance (although I do love him deeply); why didn't we see DK finish the marathon--his 50th in 50 consecutive days--just shy of Lance?!
Apparently, halfway through his Endurance 50 Challenge, Dean's body exhibited the same amount of breakdown that a man who'd completed a half marathon would sustain. Isn't that crazy?